The Paper Crane works to offer a full circle of artistic inspiration.  From suppling the materials needed, to teaching the important techniques, to finally showcasing the artwork in a gallery is our journey we wish to take with our customers and students.

Here at The Paper Crane we teach all ages about artists of the past and how to use the skills of those artists in becoming creative individuals. The expressive quality that art shares is so important for individuality. Creativity is noticed by others. This helps socially for better self esteem. The small and large motor skills, as well as, cognitive thinking develop at a higher level with art. Art is such a personal and meaningful way to communicate how one feels, and there are many fields of art which leads to many communicative options. I have benefited from art, and I know that you will benefit too!


The show is featuring local photographer and WTAMU Alumni Mallory Morgan Henderson. Her husband, Sam, and herself went on a mission trip this summer to South Africa with Experience Mission. She took some stunning images while she was there and we want to show her work. Most of her shots are intimate, showing honest and raw details of life there in South Africa. Our goal is to donate a portion of the sales to Experience Mission by selling her work. There will be a great variety of shots from daily living, to majestic creatures of Africa.

Come check out this work, you will not be disappointed!

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